Workday Podcast: The Top 3 Attributes of a Trustworthy Leader

If you watched the television show “The Simpsons,” you’ll recall Mr. Burns, the greedy and uncaring CEO who would steeple his hands as he devised his next devious plot (“Ex-cellent!”). Thank goodness it was just a cartoon—he’d never make it as a business leader in today’s world. 

Now more than ever, the most successful companies are led by executives who’ve gained the trust of their workforces. How do leaders develop that trust? It comes down to honing three key attributes: authenticity, logic, and empathy.

That’s the advice of Frances Frei and Anne Morriss, who joined me for an engaging conversation on the Workday Podcast. Frei, a Harvard Business School professor, advises executives on organizational transformation, including how to cultivate diverse and inclusive workplaces. Morriss is founder of the Leadership Consortium, which prepares women and people of color for senior leadership. Also, Frei and Morriss, who are married, co-authored the best-selling book “Uncommon Service: How to Win by Putting Customers at the Core of Your Business” and the recently published “Unleashed: The Unapologetic Leader’s Guide to Empowering Everyone Around You.”   

Mr. Burns had no chance of gaining trustworthiness. But today’s business leaders—and those on the leadership track—will gain numerous

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