Workday Podcast: Manufacturing Success Starts with Employees

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This podcast was recorded before the global pandemic. While the world looks a lot different today, we believe this content remains valuable for helping organizations move forward and emerge stronger.  

The manufacturing industry is undergoing massive change. From the Internet of Things to the continued adoption of automation, global organizations are managing rapidly changing skills requirements. These changes create opportunities for employees, but they can also present steep learning curves.

I chatted with Tina Seashore, leader of global rewards at Oshkosh Corp., and Jeff Riccono, customer success lead at Mercer, about how digitization is impacting the skills and talent needed for the current and future manufacturing workforce.

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If you’re more of a reader, below you’ll find the transcript of our conversation, edited for clarity. You can find more episodes of the Workday Podcast here.

Greg Thomas: Tina and Jeff, welcome. Please share a little about your background and what you do. We’ll start with you, Tina.

Tina Seashore: I have had the privilege to be in the global rewards function for most of my career, trying to make a difference in the lives of the people that I work with each day. If

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