Why You Should Soft Launch

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One mistake I see new job board owners make is launching their site too quickly before its ready for prime time viewing.

That’s why I recombined doing a soft launch, particularly if you have a custom built job board. You’ll want to get any bugs/kinks ironed out before telling the world.

According to Wikipedia, a soft launch is defined as the following;

Soft launches can be used with websites to help roll out new features, test or tweak a design (or possible redesign) allowing a design which users dislike to be quietly retired. Changes can also be made to increase the functionality of the website and respond to user requests. Gmail, for example, was soft launched in 2005 and fully launched one year later.


I have often employed soft launches when starting a job board. Back in January when I launched HR Lancers I did not immediately blast out the announcement. Rather, i did it in dribs and drabs for the first two weeks.

My goal was to pre-populate the site with a smattering of users. So i reached out to some of my contacts who I knew to be HR freelancers and got them to create a profile on

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