Why RPO Providers Need to Start Pivoting Their Business Strategy

The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on employers and candidates requires RPO providers to pivot their business. Pivoting to a new strategy often entails drastically changing an entire organization. But in the case of unexpected crisis, pivoting has more to do with quickly changing course to adapt to outside, uncontrollable forces.

Prior to the pandemic, the U.S. unemployment rate was around 3.5 percent, the lowest point in almost 50 years. By the end of April, ten years’ worth of job growth had been lost and first-time unemployment claims jumped to over 40 million. With recruitment conditions drastically changing, the business strategy needs to change in response.

In our latest RPO Leadership Forum, Leah Daniels, SVP Strategy at Appcast, presented “Recruiting Data RPO Providers Should Know.” Daniels reviewed the current state of the hiring landscape, explained why getting quality hires is still difficult, and provided tips for RPO providers to pivot their business in order to align with current conditions. Here we summarize key takeaways from Daniels’ webinar and invite you to view the full webinar for an engaging and informative presentation.

Hiring agility: How RPO helps businesses adapt to hiring disruptions

The Current State of the Hiring Landscape

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