Why Programmatic Platform Data Matters Now More Than Ever

Using data to drive decisions is always a recruitment best practice. In times of unexpected and accelerated change, it becomes even more critical to make decisions based on facts.

Certainly, 2020 qualifies as such a time. So far this year, companies have been dealing with a global pandemic and a business shutdown that, over the course of 10 weeks, led to nearly 41 million new unemployment claims. Now, companies face a phased approach to business reopening as they implement new safety protocols and do their best to address ongoing health concerns on the part of employees and customers.

If this weren’t enough, civil unrest has created additional challenges.

As the country navigates its way to a healthier place, data can help serve as a compass, at least in terms of talent acquisition.

Pointing the way

A new Appcast whitepaper, Transparency in Recruitment Programmatic Platforms & Job Ad Exchanges: Why It Matters, looks at the importance of obtaining data from programmatic platforms in order to make informed decisions.

Questions to ask, and answer, about your programmatic platform include:

Does the platform share the mix of job boards and sources that generate job seeker engagement?Does the platform easily accept shared data on

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