When Searching for A New Job Beware of the Bait-and-Switch

Looking for a new job has a lot of emotions behind it. Depending on your current situation, it can have a whole different set of emotions attached to it. If you are currently unemployed, your search probably has a bit more urgency tied to it. You know, that whole keeping your electricity on in the summer with AC is important, and you need money to do that. If you have a job, but you’re miserable because your boss makes The Devil Wears Prada boss look like a choir boy, you probably are itching to just get outta there. Or maybe you’re in just an okay situation, employed but not challenged or excited about what you’re doing so you start perusing job sites online. No matter what your situation, your perspective can easily be skewed in the review process as you are searching for your next role. Let me help you make sure you’re not sold a lemon.

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