What You’re Missing if You’re Only Using an ATS for Hiring

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Without the right tools and processes in place, hiring can be overwhelming and time consuming. In fact, nearly 60% of managers spend a minimum of 15 hours a week on administrative tasks, such as answering emails, scheduling interviews and managing job boards.

To save time and make hiring more efficient, many HR leaders tap into hiring software solutions. About 75 percent of recruiters and talent managers use some form of recruiting or applicant tracking software (ATS). While an ATS is an effective tool if you’re just starting out with organizing your hiring process, this type of software has some limitations.

An ATS can help your organization make the transition from paper-based or email applications to storing candidate data and managing the hiring process in a centralized platform, but in many cases, the capabilities end there.

Hireology started out as a simple applicant tracking system several years ago, but based on continuously addressing customer feedback, we’ve expanded our offerings significantly and now offer a full-stack recruitment candidate relationship management (CRM) platform. See below for several ways your team can benefit from partnering with a recruitment CRM platform, rather than relying solely on an ATS.

Attract Quality Applicants

Standalone applicant tracking systems

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