What is Retail Recruiting?

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The answer to this question is relatively straightforward: retail recruiting is the process of finding and hiring the right job candidates for the retail sector. But the truth of the matter is that recruiting in the retail industry is actually a complex affair that can be a drain on time and resources. Besides having to deal with obstacles like high staff turnover, it must also accommodate the needs of three key stakeholders: candidates, store managers and the corporate office. 

Retail recruitment is closely related to the economic situation: if economies are booming and people are spending more, retail recruitment is likely to be booming too. But what happens to the retail industry during an unparalleled crisis like the current one? For starters, social distancing measures have taken a toll on businesses not deemed essential, while retailers with physical stores have clearly been affected much more than online retailers because of lockdowns. Besides the usual challenges associated with retail, a whole new batch of challenges have arisen. 

But don’t get too down. However daunting it may seem, a successful retail recruiting strategy is possible, even in today’s world. Making use of the right recruiting solutions that combine mobile, social recruiting and

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