What Is Campus Recruiting?

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On face-value campus recruiting is a self-explanatory concept; the process of attracting, engaging and employing the next generation of graduate talent, typically on campus during the spring and fall semesters. However, building a successful strategy that delivers is not as simple as just having a stall at a career fair and hoping for the best. Although career fairs are a pivotal element of campus recruiting, taking control of the journey from initial engagement through to follow up can often make or break a strategy.

Equally, even though job fairs sit at the heart of most strategies, activities that surround these fairs such as on-campus information sessions, alumni referrals, student group networking and, most importantly, online outreach make up a broader strategy. The focus on these additional activities has been amplified by the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and has forced campus recruitment strategies to be revised to evolve with the times. This has given rise to online events, video interviewing and other forms of online engagement that hone the employer brand.

Whether looking for internships, entry-level roles or graduate schemes, organizations have not stopped putting emphasis on sourcing the best and brightest to become their future leaders. So, why do

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