“Welcome to the Jungle” Aims to Create a Media Company About Recruitment

Welcome to the Jungle is a recruitment company with a difference. Rather than finding the ideal engineer for you, they’re a media company looking to make recruitment appealing again. They raised around $2.1 million (€20 million) from business benefactors and are going to use the money to launch verticals for different industries.

Welcome to the Jungle started out slow but are now referencing hundreds of Parisian startups, giving you a good look at what the company does, what it would be like to work there, and if they are hiring.

Don’t think this is just a job board though. Opening up a job board makes you feel like you’re looking at a spreadsheet and not a real company. Welcome to the Jungle writes articles and takes photos/videos to make the run-of-the-mill startup profile into something informative and attractive.

As well as having an incredible website, the company also releases quarterly magazines for engineering and business schools. These free magazines are a treat to read and they do wonders for the brand of the company.

Welcome to the Jungle also releases a yearly coffee table book. It can be found in many bookshops and is priced around $15. I had a friend who wanted to find a job so I let him borrow my guide. I assume he enjoyed it, as I’ve not seen it since.

Any tech company will tell you hiring is a key issue for them. Many tech companies receive plenty of applications, but they have difficulty sifting through them and finding the right applicant. Tech companies are always looking for new talent, whether in a bustling scene like the Bay Area or a less worrying location like Paris.

Welcome to the Jungle recently rebranded to become Jukebox Group with brand new verticals launched to commemorate the occasion. Jukebox Group will operate three sites and media brands. Two of these (Welcome to the Jungle and Show Must Go On; aimed at luxury and fashion companies) are already live and running. The third; Born to be Wild, is just about to launch with a focus on the financial sector. So Jukebox Group is focusing on recruiting talent as a whole, rather than just focusing on tech companies.

It’s difficult to dedicate time on recruiting and branding when first starting a company, so add some appeal to your company with Jukebox. They also provide applicants with all the information they need about your company; improving the quality of the applications you receive.

Jukebox Group already have aspirations of handling all job pages on startup websites. So the next time you visit the jobs page of a startup company there’s a chance it could be managed by Jukebox. Offering this software-as-a-service could prove to be a great revenue stream for the company on top of their media efforts.

It sounds crazy to launch a niche media company in this day and age, but Jukebox has a real chance of success if they continue to combine sponsorships, branded content, and a recruitment solution.

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