Want To Job Hunt Online? Show Me Your Job Title.

Somewhere over the last few years there has been this crazy advice for jobseekers to have catch phrases, some witty little one liner to describe what they do.


And on top of that, we ask you to load your information with keywords.

But those two ideas might not always get you to the top of the queue so that people like me find you and serve you up jobs on a silver platter.

I know, I know… some of you staked your claim on a professional networking site because you wanted to have a presence but not really change jobs.  I get that.  You may not want  a new job now, but you might a year from now, or even two years now. Think of any connections or contact you get from recruiters as future opportunities—handle them with grace and professionalism, and you’ll be able to stockpile those contacts for future use. We remember all the good and the bad. The people that never interact? Well, unfortunately, we don’t remember you at all.

Without a doubt, I really want to know what you do. Let’s start with your job title. Lay it out; be crystal clear what your title in your current organization is.  I’m trying to find you and hop through the semantics of the witty one-liner someone encouraged you to use versus the job title you currently have. Sometimes that leaves you out in the cold for awesome jobs.  I’m all about the facts.  You can impress the rest of our team with your wit when we get you on the phone.

And, of course I’d really love it if you’d tell me all about yourself.  Sometimes your employer saddles you with a humdrum job title.  Not your doing, but let your skills and experience shine through.

Give me details on what you do… are you a compensation expert? Got ninja-level excel skills? Job leveling and job evaluation? Created and implemented new compensation structures? I want to hear all about it. Got certs? Awesome!

Or are you an IT Manager? Supervising a team of 2, 4, 6 or ??? Got mad t-sql experience plus systems management experience? Tell me more about transitions and implementations.  Everyone wants an IT Manager that has seen implementations through from concept to final working setup.

Professionally speaking, you can never tell me too much. I want to know it all.

Some get nervous to detail this all on a LinkedIn profile, and there’s concern that they’re looking when they’re not.  That’s cool.  Build it somewhere else… About.me, Weebly, Wix or whatever.  If you build it, with a strong foundation detailing your experience and including job titles, I will find you.

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