Want to Improve Retail Hiring? 8 Things to Think About

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As one speaker said yesterday at the HR Technology Conference, “high-volume hiring is not for the faint of heart.” Indeed, as we come up on one of the most important times of year for retailers, the holiday season, a challenge emerges: how do we hire quality employees for the rush? Retailers will inevitably need to hire a seasonal workforce quickly and in high volume, all while competing with other retailers for the same talent.

Ashutosh (Maddy) Madeshiya, VP of operations, Eightfold, Brian Fieser, Managing Partner, Blue Crab, and Pete Lawson, VP of Talent Acquisition, Postmates, recently had an online conversation about how leading retailers are facing the challenge of holiday hiring. Check it out here. In summary:

Retail hiring is unique. A great candidate experience and employer brand are not just great for hiring; they also impact revenue generation. “A poor candidate experience means you may not just lose candidates, but a customer,” says Madeshiya. He gives the example of Walmart, whose employees alone are worth in the ballpark of $20 billion of revenue through their own spending. The interdependency between the employer and company brand is what makes hiring unique in Retail.

Candidate experience does not equal “chatbot.” Transforming

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