Using Social Media to get Attention for Jobs

Social media has become a part of our everyday life. There are lots of benefits you have if you are active on these accounts, one of which may be getting a job! Social media has a lot of optional to help you land your dream job if you go about it the right way. Your dream job may be a tweet, post or like away!

The first step is to clean up your social media sites! This should already be done if you are looking for a job because employers are using this method more and more to showcase potential employee’s good and bad qualities. If you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see it, take it down!  Make sure that when you Google yourself there isn’t any graphic pictures or red flags. Once you’ve cleaned yourself up, be sure to keep it clean, even after your job search is over because you may have another one in the future.

Begin tweeting and posting news articles and stories related to your industry. Show the world how you care about your industry and are up-to-date on all things related to it.  Retweeting is a great way to fill your feed with intelligent articles, but it’s just as important to put your own opinion with the story link, so try reweeting with a quote sometimes, too.

You should create a relevant network of followers. If you’re looking for a job in drug counseling you may want to follow local rehab center, local schools and hospitals.  Follow famous or well-known industry leaders; begin to retweet them if the information is relevant. Don’t forget about your LinkedIn network! Join groups industry related and make connections with anyone relevant.  Become active in discussions if it pertains to your field, make sure your comments are intelligent and researched.

The second step is finding a job opening or a company that is hiring and connecting with them on all forms of social media they offer.  If their hiring manager has a Twitter account, follow them. If the CEO posts articles on LinkedIn, leave a comment on it. Re pin their industry related pins and do whatever you can do make your online presence known. Your name will start to look familiar so when your resume hits their desk, they can connect and face with the name.

Be sure to follow up with an email after you apply or interview. Make sure your social media links are in the bottom of your email signature so they can easily access them. Depending on your industry, you should have a personal website that should also have all of the links back to your social sites. Follow these steps and you’ll be attracting potential employers in no time.

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