Understanding the Basics: What Is Higher Education Software?

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This blog is part of a series explaining the technologies that help companies manage their people, money, and processes.

Higher education institutions face mounting pressure. They’ve been facing a significant drop in enrollments this time last year. Increasingly, students are looking for other educational options, such as a career pathway model, that are beyond traditional course sequences, which is causing institutions to rethink their traditional business models. And then, the coronavirus pandemic happened. At the onset, colleges and universities suspended in-person classes and moved to online instruction as a health and safety precaution. Institutions are continuing to adjust to a changed education landscape, and the challenges include maintaining student engagement in a remote environment. 

This all requires higher education institutions to operate at peak efficiency to ensure student satisfaction, fiscal health, and the agility to adapt to future needs. 

But campuses and higher education institutions are like small cities, with many moving parts, all of which impact each other. Getting a handle on all of it requires access to data, and then the ability to join that data in a way that gives a 360-degree view of campus operations. Higher education needs to transform data into a strategic asset so that

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