Time to Fill in U.S. Falls to 27.6 Days: DHI Hiring Indicators Report

Accord to DHI, time to fill metrics decreased by a few days last month. Here are the highlights: 1. The DHI-DFH Mean Vacancy Duration Measure for the U.S. economy dropped to 27.6 working days in May 2017, 2.8 days below the all-time high reached in April 2017. 2. The “Resources,” “Financial Services,” and “Information” industry sectors experienced the largest drops in mean vacancy duration – falling 10.2, 9.3 and 9.1 working days, respectively, relative to their April 2017 levels. 3. Job openings that require skills related to “Security,” “Solution Development,” “Application Development,” “Data,” and “Systems” have experienced an increase in labor market tightness since 2012 relative to other jobs covered by the DHI Database. That is, job postings with these skill requirements saw large relative declines in the average daily flow of applications per posting. 4. Jobs that require skills in “Hadoop,” “SharePoint”, “Salesforce,” “ORACLE” and “UNIX” are among those that experienced a

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