Three Card Poker Progressive

The basics of Three Card Poker states that if you bet and the dealer does not have Queen or better, the dealer can not play, you win your Ante bet and your Play bet pushes, even if the dealer’s hand does not let your hand win. If the dealer has Queen high or higher there by you must beat the dealer to win. If you win then, you’re paid for both your Ante bet and Play bet. On the contrary, if you lose, the dealer takes with both bets. The standing of most hands is the same as in Poker except you are using only three cards and a straight is higher than that of a flush. If your highest card and the dealer’s highest card are having the same value, the tie has to broken by the second-highest card, followed the third highest card. If your hand match with that of the dealer’s, you tie and the bets push. Now that you have all the learning about the rules of Three Card Poker Progressive, come and give it a try.

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