The Link Between Talent Acquisition and Quality Ratings

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The Five-Star Quality Rating System is constantly changing and expanding, with the most recent changes implemented at the beginning of this year.  However, it helps to start at the beginning, so here’s a quick refresher and overview of the program before we  discuss its effects.  

What is the Five-Star Quality Rating System?

In December 2008, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) created the Five-Star Quality Rating System in order to provide patients and their families with a simple way to assess the quality of nursing homes.  The rating system provides an overall score of one star to five stars with a specific focus on the following areas:

Health Inspections

Based on the outcomes from annual state health inspections focusing on the number, scope, and severity of deficiencies identified during the three most recent inspections. Deficiencies are weighted by scope and severity and the rating also takes into account the number of revisists required to ensure resolution of each deficiency.  


Based on nursing home staffing levels that look at registered nurse (RN) hours per resident per day, and total nurse staffing hours per resident per day.  Total nursing hours is the aggregation of RN,

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