The Game Has Changed: Building A Grid of Sourcing Alternatives

For those of you that don’t know, Tron is a Sci-Fi movie in which humans enter the computer world. These humans are known as “users,” while the residents of the computer world, or The Grid, are deemed “programs.” The Users work with the other Programs (i.e. Tron) to win against the evil dictator Master Control Program (MCP). For some reason, this reminds me of the recent “tool” wars with Chrome, LinkedIn, Google Jobs, Indeed, new AI and APIs talk, and the takeovers of Monster and Careerbuilder. The whole game is changing. And as we figure out what extensions we can and can’t use on certain professional networks, there are users here that can show us more tools and programs on the Grid. Users in the sourcing community, The SourceCon speakers, writers, the gurus, your teammates, and most importantly, you. Your thoughts, your ideas, and thinking yourself out of the situation can be the key to unlocking the information you need.

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