Tech, Media, and the Gig Economy

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Until a few years ago, when you heard people say “gig,” it was musicians chatting about the jobs they had lined up. But ever since “gig” was paired with the word “economy,” it’s become one of the most impactful trends in the changing world of work. What does it all mean, and what should tech and media companies be thinking about in the middle of it all? 

More Influential Than Ever

Independent contractors, freelancers, flex workers—those who make up the gig economy are more numerous than ever. Estimates in recent years have ranged from 60 million to 78 million in the U.S. Short-term jobs aren’t a new thing, but they’ve never been this important: It’s estimated that by 2027, gig workers will make up the majority of the U.S. workforce. Research from the Aspen Institute finds that 30% of all workers are doing gig work. 

The Reasons Why 

Why is the gig economy growing so fast? One reason is the increase in fully remote companies, which makes it easier for gig workers to accept jobs that may not be in their hometown. Once virtually non-existent, the idea of a company with employees scattered across the globe is more common than

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