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Contingent or retained: Which recruitment model works best?

Wondering whether your agency should offer a contingent or retained recruitment model but not sure how they differ and what would work best for your agency? We’ve got you covered. The short answer is that contingency recruitment is based on a “no win, no fee” basis, where you only get paid if you secure the … Read more The post Contingent or retained: Which…

Mirai Works Q1 and Q2 FY2021: $22.5M revenue, up 16.5% y-on-y

Mirai Works, a Japanese freelance recruitment marketplace, has posted its Q1 and Q2 results for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2021. The company reported Y2.4 billion ($22.5 million U.S.) in revenue, a gross profit of Y606 million ($5.5 million U.S.) with a 24.7% margin, and net income of Y75 million ($686,681 U.S.). The company did not report its results from the previous year…

Datapeople announces $8M in raised capital as it works to make recruiting more equitable

This morning Datapeople, a startup that sells software designed to make recruiting more equitable, announced that it has raised $8 million across two funding events, including a $5 million round in mid-2020. The company, which counts Uncork Capital, NextView Ventures and First Round Capital as backers, does two things. Its initial product, what Datapeople calls […] The post Datapeople announces $8M in raised capital…

Open Feedback Works

“Open feedback encourages micro-actions. Responding to feedback at an individual level shows people that their feedback has value. And these micro-course-corrections can have a huge cumulative impact on the business.” – Michael Carden   Employee feedback is traditionally collected through anonymous surveys. A year ago we started working with a group of forward-thinking enterprises to trial open feedback. This is what we have learned….

In Myanmar, JobNet works to fill essential roles

Across the globe, recruitment sites have responded to a slowdown in hiring by launching support programs and initiatives to fill essential roles. In Myanmar, leading recruitment site JobNet is listing essential jobs for free, as well as organizing a virtual career fair in anticipation of increased demand.

Job verticals lead Crowd Works’ Q1 sales bump

Outstanding performance from its job verticals led Japanese crowdsourcing company Crowd Works Inc. to turn over Y2.3 billion ($21 million U.S.) in sales in the first quarter of the financial year. That amounted to an increase of 15.5% year-on-year.

Uber Works Set to Expand

Bloomberg is reporting that Uber Works the on demand staffing platform launched last year will soon be expanding. The company is set to head to Miami next after piloting in Chicago. The company says it plans to start recruiting from its massive pool of drivers which will expand the opportunities available and instantly vault them to the top of the gig staffing services. Uber plans…

Crowd Works sees annual net loss increase 57%

The annual net loss of leading Japanese crowdsourcing company Crowd Works Inc. rose 57% this year, mainly due to poor performance from the firm’s skill-sharing site and the company’s decision to terminate its freelancer fintech service.