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Woke Consciousness! The New Pandemic

In this time of intense protest of extreme social injustice, there is another pandemic that is impacting your organization. It’s called “Woke Consciousness.” Your organization may be emerging from a deep slumber suddenly to realize that there is very little diversity in your executive and manager-level positions or anywhere else for that matter (if you’re Facebook) or that the only thing wrong with your…

Team Woke vs. Team Resentful!

Have you been feeling like you don’t fit in recently? Like both sides might not be what you’re looking for? Like ‘these folks are crazy!”? Welcome to America! The Atlantic had a brilliant article recently where a study from Harvard says it’s not ‘you’, it’s actually ‘them’ – “On social media, the country seems to divide into two neat camps: Call them the woke…

I Woke Up To A President Trump > This Is What HR Can Learn

It’s the day after the election at Daxko (where I work), and lots of people have taken PTO. It is remarkably quiet in the office. Interesting. I don’t write about politics. I’m not educated enough on that topic to be anyone’s voice in politics. Alexander Hamilton would probably hate me, but I’m a card-carrying fence-straddler (he hated Aaron Burr’s mantra “Talk Less. Smile More….