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Hiring Wisdom: Easy, Low Cost Ways to Improve Your Hiring

As you know, employee referrals are one of the least expensive, most efficient ways to recruit job applicants. Better than that, referrals who are hired are more likely to be above-average performers and stay on board longer because they already have a friend or acquaintance on your staff.

Hiring Wisdom: Hard Questions Make For Better Hires

Although impolite, rude, and bullying social media behavior grab the headlines, ours is still a basically polite society. That’s why most of us rely on our pre-employment paperwork to ask job applicants the tough questions about drugs and honesty. Then we compound that mistake by thinking we’ll find out about dependability and safety when we do our reference checks. (If we, in fact, take the time to…

Hiring Wisdom: You Need to Recruit Before You Need to Hire

I guess it’s just plain human nature to not take action until it’s absolutely required. I say that because few business owners or hiring managers look for new employees until there’s a pressing need. Then they end up hiring the first warm body that even remotely fits the job description, but that’s no way to build a winning team. What if we thought of…