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Everyone Needs a Wingman or Wingwoman

Did you see the last dance on ESPN? Michael Jordan had Scotty Pippen as his wingman. Six Championships, way to go! In the movie Top Gun, Maverick had Goose. Miranda Priestly in the Devil Wears Prada had Nigel. And here on FOT, Kris has Tim – or is it the other way around? My conversation for today centers around the concept of a wingman….

VIDEO: Tim Sackett on Debunking the HR Wingman Myth

Is HR really the wind beneath the company’s wings? In the video above, Dawn Burke talks to Tim Sackett, President at HRU Technical Resources and fellow FOT blogger, about her most recent post at Fistful of Talent: Wanna Be Taken Seriously? Quit Being A Wingman, Damn It. Check out the video now to hear the ever-entertaining duo break down their philosophy on “the HR Wingman Phenomenon,” and how…

Wanna Be Taken Seriously? Quit Being A Wingman, Damn It.

To be taken seriously, looked at as credible, to feel valued, to be your CEO/COO/CFO’s confidant, of course, having a seat the table. HR, you really want it? Quit putzing around. Quit sabotaging yourself. Quit whining. Most importantly have a little self-respect. How? Quit being everybody’s “Wingman.” Remember Top Gun (“I feel the need, the need for speed”)? Heck yeah, you remember. So an…