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What Do You Do When Bosses Go Wild?

“I see the classic image of the boss as a total anachronism. It may work in certain connotations like ‘organized crime boss,’ ‘union boss,’ or ‘pit boss.’ But being bossy per se is not an attribute that I have ever seen as desirable in a manager or anyone else for that matter.”

A Wild and Crazy New Model of Employment

Companies today adhere to a decades-old recruitment process originally designed for in-person paper applications — a pre-Internet, one-company-for-life era that has quickly passed us by. The Internet increased our visibility of choice and ease of application, which – coupled with accelerating, always-on technology — shortened our attention spans to less than a goldfish’s.

Boys Behaving Badly, Girls Gone Wild? How To Let Go of Toxic People at Work.

What a week. Kavannah. Facebook rants from friends. Republicans. Democrats. Men. Women. It’s all been holistically pretty toxic. I’ve felt the need to shower about 14 times.   I think it is safe to say the nation (world?) witnessed an incredible live, on-air, case study of what real life, toxic behaviors “look” like. Also, I believe we witnessed toxic behaviors demonstrated in a very…

The Wild West of A.I.

While I’m skeptical about the use of AI for recruiting and hiring (save machine learning, which is an altogether different if occasionally congruent construct), I kind of love the explosion of bots that’s occurred over the last year or so. Let’s be clear: these are not artificial intelligence. Some of them, in fact, are really stupid or specious (maybe most, if we’re being honest)….

Analytics Gone Wild – Increase In Talent

One cool thing about going to a bunch of HR and Talent conferences in the spring is you get to hear what everyone is doing around the world.  At one point in the past two weeks, I honestly can’t remember who or where I heard someone speak about measuring their “increase in talent” to the organization. The actual measure was something like this: Take the…