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4th of July funny t-shirts! (Warning – prepare to be offended!)

So, basically, in America, we celebrate our independence by grilling hot dogs, drinking beer, blowing stuff up, and buying t-shirts that somehow make us feel more patriotic than we really are. In recent years, the 4th of July t-shirt game has been getting very serious! Here are some of the ones that make me laugh! Okay, this last one just made me laugh, but…

Warning, this is not going to work!

Candidate Engagement is the new Achilles heel in Sourcing and Recruiting. It used to be finding a candidate was the key to filling jobs. However, now times are different due to technology tools and social networking sites Recruiters and Sourcers can find candidates relatively easy.  The new challenge today is Candidate Engagement. How do you convince Candidate X to become an Applicant?