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eQuest to Release Voice Activated Job Posting

Read Time1 Minute, 34 Second eQuest customers can now use Alexa to post jobs SAN RAMON, CA – November 4, 2020 – eQuest today announced that it will transform the way people post Internet jobs. Beginning Monday, November 16, 2020, customers with Amazon Echo or Alexa Built-in devices will be able to say, “Alexa, open job posting”. This key command will automatically connect the voice-user…

Voice messaging comes to LinkedIn

It’s been available on Apple IMessage since the release of IOS 8 in 2014 — and Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have had the functionality for what feels like aeons already — but LinkedIn will in the coming weeks finally roll out voice messaging to its mobile app and desktop site. The post Voice messaging comes to LinkedIn appeared first on AIM Group.

Voice Corp. to help Korean tech buffs

Tokyo-based Internet business Voice Corporation, which operates multiple job sites, has signed agreements with three Korean educational institutions to help their tech grads hunt jobs in Japan. This article is only available to AIM Group clients. Please subscribe now or log in to view. The post Voice Corp. to help Korean tech buffs appeared first on AIM Group.

The Next Big Thing in HR – A Post-Text World Dominated by Voice and Video

Among the buzz about new HR technologies, most miss what may literally become the most important shift — the death of narrative text. Yes, every other business function is already shifting to a post-text communications world that is dominated by video and voice. Of course, it’s no secret that since day one, HR has been providing information to employees and managers almost exclusively through…

To Find Great Prospects, Find Your True Voice

I want to share a something learned over the course of many years and more career changes than I can count. Whether you’re sourcing, filmmaking or firefighting – skills are important, but real success is defined by how we engage and communicate.

Put A Human Voice In Your LinkedIn Summary

Your LinkedIn Summary is a description of who you are and what you do professionally. Your strongest LinkedIn Summary will have a human voice in it! If you write your LinkedIn profile in the language I call Corporate Speak Zombie language, you're going …