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Critique of some Linkedin job posts

I’ve been seeing a lot of “visual job ads” being shared on Linkedin lately. Thats partly why I started this service in the first place. Below are 3 that I picked out from my stream so I could critique them for what they are lacking or doing well. By deconstructing them, I hope you can learn to make yours better. Visual Job Ad #1…

GSP Retail is using InstaJob!

We’d like to publicly thank the recruiting team at GSP Retail for using InstaJob, you guys are doing a great job with your Instajob posts. We’re Hiring Team Members in Utah! http://t.co/UAXHTlAjTv #instajob @retailbetter pic.twitter.com/1IDTXA8Sx6 — Robin Eads (@imjustagoyle) May 14, 2014

Who’s using InstaJob?

Here’s the latest group of employers who have integrated visual job marketing into their social recruiting strategy. Thanks for using InstaJob you rock!

This recruiter loves InstaJob

Of course we think InstaJob is the coolest thing since sliced bread when it comes to recruiting apps, but don’t take our word. Here’s a email we got from a recruiter in Denmark.

InstaJob app now available for Android too

InstaJob, the first ever visual job ad creator, is now available for Android users in addition to the iOS platform. Launched in the summer of 2013 for iOS, InstaJob allows recruiters to turn any picture of their business, office or employees into a visual job ad that contains their company career site URL and the job title they want to hire for. From there…