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Employee Improvement Plans: Should They Always Be Viewed as a Death Sentence?

Did I miss the memo? When did the venerable Performance Improvement Plan — a managerial non sequitur that often has little to do with performance OR improvement — morph into the more concise but equally Orwellian “Corrective Action?” I bumped into this new terminology for what most managers lovingly refer to as a “PIP” a couple of weeks ago when Fistful of Talent Grand…

Let’s Stop Hiding In the ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ Cave

One of the greatest features of LinkedIn over other social networks is that it’s professional and isn’t made up of all cat videos, photos of people’s kids getting toilet trained, and political arguments. It’s also the ability to see “Who’s Viewed Your Profile.” This is an awesome feature for professionals and networkers alike. Recruiters have even made placements with this feature.