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Here’s why video recruiting just makes sense

Let’s face it; the traditional process of resume reviews, phone screens and in-person interviews is too limiting, too linear. But this comes as no real surprise. By now, we all know that recruiting is changing, evolving and taking on new life in light of newer technologies. Take video for instance. Though the concept of video interviewing is nothing new, the practice is taking hold…

Video Recruiting Going 3D?

Skype says it has developed technology that could enable workers to create 3D “body doubles” of themselves to attend video meetings. The technology might not be brought to market for many years because consumer devices aren’t sophisticated enough yet to support it, said Mark Gillett, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Skype.

Looking To Hire Top Talent? There’s A Video App For That

Companies with global hiring strategies are starting to embrace video interviews as a convenient way to shorten the application process and reduce hiring costs, Francine Hardaway writes. In particular, companies are using asynchronous video interviewing, where candidates can log in to a video website and answer questions on their own time, she writes.