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Top 5 reasons veteran hiring FAIL

We all know the value of a positive outlook. So why focus on failure? Why not jump right into what success looks like? The reality is that in many cases we don’t spend enough time analyzing our failures. Examining failure is not negative; it is constructive.

Vet, disabled hiring rules aren’t limited to federal contractors, expert says

New rules that push government contractors to hire veterans and disabled workers might need to be followed by firms that don’t have government contracts, says David Fortney, a former Labor Department official. If a corporation has federal contract, all its subsidiaries have to follow the hiring rules even if they don’t have business with the government, he says.

Veterans still fighting for survival in tough job market

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes program is helping some of the estimated 160,000 unemployed military veterans find work. One of the keys is helping veterans translate their skills for the civilian workforce. Such efforts are paying off with more than 20,000 veterans and military spouses finding jobs since 2011.