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Institutionalized: Working for the Corporate Version of Obi-Wan Kenobi/Bill Belichick

There’s a dirty little secret about great companies. Some of them are so great, the experience you pick up actually doesn’t transfer easily to other opportunities. Here’s how this phenomenon plays out: 1– You join a great company early in your career. 2–You are fortunate to work for a master, think the Obi-Wan Kenobi or Bill Belichick of your industry. 3–The master sees your…

Hiretual Ventures Into Candidate Engagement With Version 3.0 Launch

Hiretual is a sourcing tool known to be a recruiter or sourcers “best friend.” Founding member Ninh Tran and co-founder Steven Jiang created it with us in mind. They will proudly tell you that “Hiretual was built by recruiters for recruiters.” Hiretual can search across over 20 platforms utilizing AI Sourcing, assists with building boolean search strings and finding candidate contact information.

5 FOT Reads For This Week (Don’t Pokemon Go Me Version)

What up FOT Nation? Here are your reads for this week, just in time to serve as a break from your crushing Monday start. Not going to lie. Saw a lady with her head down this weekend at the gym playing Pokemon Go.  Actually wondered if I could be blamed for running her over if her “heads down” approach lead her onto the track where…