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Eightfold Now Valued At $1 Billion: A Platform Not A Product

Read Time23 Second Over my years as an analyst I run across a lot of HR technology companies. Some start life with a killer application, others start with a vision of creating a network or library of content, and others want to build a platform. Workday, for example, was a platform company from the start – they didn’t … Read more» The post Eightfold…

4 Tips to Help You Become a Valued Partner

Whether you are an HR consultant, an outsourced solution provider, an internal HR professional, a senior HRBP, or a CHRO, everyone wants to become a valued partner in the business. Given the current talent landscape, more and more of the big decisions being made about the future of any business seems to center around people. HR is finally getting its rightful seat the table when…

Connectifier Valued at $100 Million in LinkedIn Acquisition

A 10K filed by LinkedIn on February 16, 2016, states that the estimated purchase price of the popular profile aggregator, Connectifier, is $100,000,000. This valuation should clear things up for anyone who was still questioning the viability of the profile aggregator space. With this news, the price just went up for anyone looking to acquire a Connectifier competitor.