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Are You Useful? The Ultimate Management Question.

I started today’s post with the idea to riff on JTBD (that’s “jobs to be done” for those in Rio Linda), a point of view pioneered by Harvard business professor Clayton Christensen. JTBD is the idea that people don’t buy what you sell–they hire out a job to achieve an objective. Approaching your business in this way opens up additional avenues for adding value….

How to Get Useful Feedback from Your Employees

Chances are that if you are in a position where you supervise or manage employees beneath you, you’ve put a lot of effort into giving your junior team members the feedback they need to grow and improve. But have you worked to get feedback from them for your own growth?

LinkedIn is useful tool for people in business

MILWAUKEE — Mike Mallwitz is a no-nonsense executive who for years swore by an old-school communications method: picking up the phone and calling. Now, however, Mallwitz is increasingly relying on a different approach: LinkedIn. As president of …