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The Weekly Dose: An Updated @Workday Recruiting Roadmap!

Today on the Weekly Dose I dive into largest and arguably fastest-growing recruiting technology on the planet, Workday Recruiting! Workday Recruiting currently has over 2350 clients, all of which would be considered enterprise, and over 50% of the Fortune 500 are currently using Workday for recruiting. Let that sink in a bit. A decade ago, no one was using Workday to recruit talent, and…

Getting America Back to Work Updated Corporate Mission

With over 4 million + jobs already lost and another 11 million + in jeopardy of being lost it’s time to move fast and decisively. We are in full action assisting displaced workers find new career opportunities with our 3 Phase 40 point action plan fully assisted by a Career Coach. The action plan consists of a massive amount of resources to help people…

Recruiting Candidates in Europe? Familiarize Yourself with the Updated GDPR Requirements

If you’re recruiting candidates in Europe, you have until May 25, 2018, to familiarize yourself with and prepare a strategy for tackling coming changes to GDPR — planning and implementing solutions for complying with the requirements of the regulation. Otherwise, you could face potential non-compliance issues that could come as a result of not following the requirements.