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Morale.me Review

Joel Cheesman just launched Morale.me, a mobile app that begins with a simple question: “How’s employee morale at your company?”

4 ways to convince your best employees to stick around

About one-fifth of employees say they want to change jobs, but companies can take several steps to increase their chances of hanging on to their best workers, Suzanne Lucas writes. Among her four tips are to offer fair compensation and to do what you can to allow employees to move up through the ranks. “Offer opportunities for mentoring and such so that people feel…

Caring About Employees Is Not A Talent Strategy

Almost every founder has the same mentality: talent can make or break your business. From finding the best talent to maintaining a strong culture, founders regularly wax poetic about how much they care about their people and their culture. We all know that people and culture matter. The real question is what are you doing…

Why it pays to treat your workers like human beings

Companies should aim to humanize business operations by giving employees space to act like real, authentic people and to make decisions for themselves, writes Jamie Notter. How to achieve that differs for every company, but actions will always trump words. “Enron had nice statements in their lobby about things like integrity and honesty, but that wasn’t really valued, now was it” Notter writes.