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Influence 101 – It’s Not Enough To Ask For A Raise: Understand Who You’re Asking

Raises. Of course you should ask for them. Don’t get caught thinking the market inside your company will take care of you. But with that said, let’s break down a couple of realities: 1. Only good-to-great performers really have leverage to ask for more money. If you’re not in that group, you can throw a legal fastball by somebody for equity, but it’s still likely…

Look Back To The Year of 2004 To Understand The Future Of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been the “talk of the town” this past week after the Microsoft-LinkedIn acquisition deal closed. Our sourcing community buzzed with tons of predictions and hints about the future of LinkedIn. We care about it because we rely on LinkedIn so much in our daily work and life. We all hope the acquisition will bring something better, not worse to our community.