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If It’s “Unconscious” Bias That’s Better, Right?

If Nostradamus had made a prediction about the state of equality in the year 2021, it’s likely that he would have predicted equality for all human beings. Yet here we are, in 2021 still struggling with of all things, INEQUALITY. Let’s be honest, the workplace can be a hotspot for biases and discrimination that gives inequality its foundation, starting with the hiring process. We…

Revelation! Unconscious Bias Hurts Your Hiring Results Across All Candidates

One of the primary reasons why increasing amounts of technology are entering the recruiting space is the recognition that recruiters and hiring managers harbor a great deal of unconscious bias, which has a negative impact on a firm’s recruiting results. I live in the Silicon Valley, where in an effort to increase diversity hiring many high-tech firms have rushed to offer unconscious bias training.

Psychologists say white men benefit from these unconscious biases

I’m a white male.  As the New York Times has reported and loads of scientific research has found, membership within that demographic means that I am constantly benefiting from a range of sexist, racist, and unconscious biases. While we’d have a more just society if that weren’t true, a host of economic and psychological studies have found that white males are perceived as more likeable,…