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The Perfect Ugly Xmas Sweater for HR Pros!

In a normal world, the biggest decision most employees make in the month of December is which ugly Christmas sweater they’ll buy or build for the annual office party! Can be too controversial, but needs to be the right combination of funny and ugly! Since 2020 is the year of the Covid, Simplisafe developed the perfect ugly Christmas sweater: This really got me thinking!…

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Workplace Benefits

There is a fine line to walk while balancing a company’s bottom line and attracting great talent. Because the employees who work for you are the most valuable asset that your company has at its disposal, making sure they are productive and healthy and happy both in and out of the office is a cause worth supporting and encouraging.

Ugly is OK. Embrace the Ugly.

We’re a hot mess, and you’re going to want to come work here…  said no company career website ever. Right? But when it comes to your recruiting efforts, what if you were to be just a little bit more honest about the flaws—and truly embraced them? And I’m not talking in an interview setting, copping up to the “challenges” of working there. I’m talking…