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There’s Lots I Don’t Miss About the Office, But Here’s The One Thing We Can’t Live Without

Confession time: It’s hard not to LOVE Canadians. I’ve worked with a lot of our Northern cousins, and I’ve found Canadians to be generous, helpful, and kind. They don’t wear their partisanship on their sleeve, as so many of do here in Lower 48 plus 2, and they’re pretty easy going unless required to be something else. Yes, Canadians are very, very nice. They…

Complainers and Braggers in a COVID-19 World – There’s No Time For It

We are truly living in a strange and unique time right now. Everyone is dealing with COVID-19 and fighting the good fight while keeping a social distance in their own way. Some people are complaining, while others are bragging about how ready they are.  We are going to learn a lot – work from home, home school, social distancing, layoffs, new companies, and innovation….

EB Champion or Cheerleader? There’s Only One Choice

I realized today that I have been looking at the part I play in promoting a company’s employment brand all wrong.  I believed this years ago, that one of my skills as a sourcer was to be head employment brand cheerleader. And whether working for a staffing agency or a corporate entity, my role was to always chat up how awesome the company I support…

There’s a “Red Wedding” at Uber – But Not Just With Their Marketing Layoffs

Like so many people, I loved Game of Thrones. And that’s why ANY big company layoff that’s referred to as a “Marketing Red Wedding” gets my full and undivided attention. The fact that the company is Uber, and the “Red Wedding” description comes from Uber employees about a big layoff that took place there in late July, well, that’s just icing on the cake….

Workplace Fairy Tales: Why There’s No Such Thing as “Unlimited” PTO

It drives me crazy when I hear people touting “unlimited” PTO. That’s because “unlimited” time off is really just one big fairy tale. I know, I know; that sounds harsh, because there are a number of companies that will defend “unlimited” PTO to the death, and on the surface, it sounds like a good idea. But what often gets lost in the discussion is…

There’s Real Value In Knowing Your Team’s Social Capital

Last year I stumbled upon an article in Institutional Investor with the following subtitle: “Have friends, will travel: an argument for the Social Capital Manager.” The general premise of the article by Ashby Monk is that relationships have real economic value, and so our financial and investment models should take those relationships into account. Because we haven’t yet realized this future, Monk argues, we…

Yes, Millennials May be Job Hoppers, But There’s a Good Reason For That

It shouldn’t come as any great surprise, but according to Gallup, Millennials aren’t particularly engaged in their jobs. As Gallup’s How Millennials Want to Work and Live report points out, a whopping “71 percent of employees in the Millennial generation (people born between 1980 and 1996) are either not engaged or actively disengaged at work.” Are Millennials really big job hoppers? This is why Gallup refers to Millennials as…

There’s An Untapped Workforce Just Waiting For You

One in five Americans has a disability. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, just 20.2% of people with disabilities participate in the labor force, compared to 69.1% of people without disabilities. That’s a huge untapped pool of talent – and there’s ample evidence that companies benefit from including people with disabilities in their workforce.