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RChilli Thanks COVID Warriors for Their Selfless Service

The COVID-19 outbreak created havoc across the globe. While the world went under lockdown, doctors, teachers, nurses, emergency service providers, sanitation workers, police, and teachers … The post RChilli Thanks COVID Warriors for Their Selfless Service appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Candidate Email Automation Disasters: Thanks, But No Thanks

Know what makes our industry look bad? Most candidate email automation, but especially saying “thanks, but no thanks” as an automatic reply to a job. We know candidates are putting it all on the line. I mean, no one wakes up and decides to quit their corporate jobs with great benefits and bonuses.  It takes vulnerability. Risk. That “change” thing we all fear so much.  Yet,…

Thanks, LinkedIn.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably sick of reading scathing attacks on LinkedIn by now. Hell, I am too, and I kind of invented the genre. I’m like the Fritz Lang of trolling this particular company, and by now you know just how many fundamental problems I have with their business model, data integrity […]

Dawn Burke says Thanks Is Better Than Seat At Table

Some HR Pros aspire to have a seat-at-the-table.  That’s cool.  It’s a great ambition to have. I’ve been at the table, I’ve been off the table, I’ve been at the kids-table (imagine Thanksgiving dinner but at work), so I know from where I speak. But there is one thing better than that seat and some of the real and perceived perks that go with it….

Don’t Post and Pray, Give Thanks Instead

Thanksgiving is just as much about gratitude as it is about tradition, football, and turkey. On a personal level, I am grateful my health, financial security, family and freedom. On a professional level, I am truly grateful for – and in awe of – the uptick in generosity in the recruiting and employment branding community this year, and wanted to take a moment to…

A Time for Thanks

In fact, a 2014 report by TINYpulse showed that such extravagant employee perks might be all for naught if not accompanied with a simple “thank you.” The report also showed that employees who received recognition were much more likely to rate their …