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Talent.com names Philippe Bonin as CFO

Job search and career platform Talent.com, formerly “Neuvoo,” has named Philippe Bonin as its chief financial officer effective immediately. Bonin (LinkedIn profile) most recently served as vice president finance and vice president corporate development with Cogeco Inc., a telecommunications firm with broadband networks in Canada and the U.S. as well as 22 radio stations in […]

Talent.com Aiming High in Job Search

This post was originally published on this site Let’s face it, no one knew how to pronounce or spell the name ‘neuvoo‘. So when i saw the news last week that the job search company had acquired a top tier domain like Talent.com, I saw the move as much needed if they ever want to take on the Indeed’s of the world. And take…

Neuvoo to rebrand as Talent.com

Breaking: Job aggregator Neuvoo, the notoriously hard to pronounce brand has acquired the talent.com domain and will rebrand as first reported by the Chad&Cheese podcast. This is one of the smartest moves ever in terms of a rebrand. The domain brings instant brand recognition and is much easier to promote from a marketing perspective. They apparently paid over 1 million for the domain. This…