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The Strength of Community: Uniting for Climate Action

Community is everything. And if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we’re all connected. Our actions impact others, and it’s our collective … The post The Strength of Community: Uniting for Climate Action appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Strength in Unity

What do you remember most about 9/11?  It’s perhaps the most memorable day in our generation’s history. I suspect it will be mine. Here’s my story. I was working for an agricultural cooperative and I was responsible for a team of 430 men and women who sold agricultural input products to farmers. We were in the middle of our three-day annual conference being held…

The Strength of LinkedIn's Weak Ties

Still, the people who run LinkedIn are all about the data, and the data must tell them that the practice is worth continuing. It's one more thing to keep people engaged, to add the tiniest bit more information to users' profiles, to make the network …