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Collaborating Technology Intelligence in HR for Small Businesses

Technology has simplified various aspects of human resources by introducing new methods of recruitment. Innovations come every day to automate and make changes in the system. Thus, it becomes important to keep pace with the upcoming changes and concepts. Adopting technology tools will give a boost to productivity and ensure growth. Let’s talk and discuss different ways through which HR Tech can help small…

5 Core Aspects of The Human Resource Cycle

Like other parts of life and business, human resources, or say HR, also has a unique life cycle. The HR life cycle is the sequence of the stages that employees go through and how they respond to their responsibilities. Every stage of the HR life cycle has its challenges, opportunities, and benefits.

HR Tech Tools That Can Influence Staffing Firms In 2020

With HR tech software, HR professionals can streamline areas like recruitment, payroll, etc. To run a smooth business, HR professionals need proper guidance to choose the right software. Picking up a tool for HR activities from hundreds of software is not an easy task. In this article, I am pinpointing a few HR Tech tools that every staffing professional should implement to have an…

A New Approach to Discover the Talent

With limited resources, it becomes difficult for small businesses to reach candidates who can become the right fit for the organization. A wrong choice can result in unnecessary hiring costs. There should be a strategic recruitment plan which can get you a quality candidate without putting much effort. Let’s discuss a new approach to discover talent.

Valuable HR Practices for Small Business

Small businesses often have a limited workforce to carry out business operations. As an HR professional in a small organization, there’s always something more you can do to make your organization better. Thus, to ensure productivity and efficiency, organizations are adopting new methods to help them in delivering better performance. Here I am sharing few best HR practices for Small Businesses to achieve success…

Top HR Insights for This Christmas

The holiday season is around the corner. The chill in the air only means one thing that ‘Christmas’ is here. As Christmas is approaching, we need to plan to cover the festival period without piling on additional stress. Holidays are the time of giving general goodwill, but sometimes there will be Christmas issues that come knocking on the HR’s doorstep. Let’s check out how…

Thanking HR Technology for an Easy Recruitment

Have you ever been ghosted by a candidate? What are the reasons that the candidates have to ghost you? Do you need some tips to save yourself from candidate ghosting? Stop for a while and see the magic here. Download this whitepaper to know how HR technology like recruitment analytics solutions can help you to save you from candidate ghosting.

Four Common Hiring Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

Hiring a new employee when you do not have a large team needs a lot of focus and planning. You can certainly not afford to make mistakes if you are the owner of a small business. When you have a small organization, everyone you hire has an impact on your operations. However, with all the different responsibilities that generally come with HR, you may…

Win Talent War in 2020 More Creatively

Recruiters need to stay updated with the trends and the latest technology to find the right talent. Read these tips to win a talent war in 2020. Hiring is hard, and hiring for start-ups is even harder. To get the top talent, recruiters need to stay updated with the trends to find the right talent. The goal of my blog is precisely to answer…

Hiring Tactics for Small Businesses

Recruitment is a challenge for small businesses. Naturally, it becomes quite demanding when you get stuck between deadlines, which can result in taking the wrong decision. A wrong hire can result in less productivity and an increased hiring cost. Finding the right talent isn’t easy, and it demands an exceptional recruiting strategy to find the right fit.

Small Business Recruitment Strategy

HR Tech tools such as online resume parsing, ATS/CRM, & other trends can help to streamline recruitment process of small business, startups. Here we are discussing a few ways a small business can compete with the big companies and find the right talent.