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Free Webinar – Life After LinkedIn with Shally Steckerl

FREE WEBINAR Life After LinkedIn: How Twitter and Facebook Can Help You Find the ‘Unfindable Job Candidates’ FEATURING SHALLY STECKERL The Sourcing Institute Foundation A 20-year veteran, Shally builds enterprise recruiting engines for Fortune 500 brands, helping them efficiently find unfindable talent. It’s happening Tuesday, July 12 at … 2 p.m., EST Here’s what you’ll learn: Facebook Learn a quick and easy step-by-step framework…

No-Cost Webinar: Candidate Sourcing Secrets

Presented by Shally Steckerl, a well-known sourcing expert, this 60-minute webinar will help you learn how to source candidates using social, job boards, and other candidate repositories. You’ll also learn how to mine hidden talent on the Internet in new and creative ways using the plethora of people data at your fingertips.

The Sultan of Sourcing Has Spoken

OK, he’s finally done it. Shally Steckerl, the Jedi Master of all things recruiting and sourcing, has spewed out his vast knowledge into 488 pages of pure sourcing joy with his new book, The Talent Sourcing & Recruiting Handbook. Let’s find out how he did it.