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Selling Out.

An editor is not supposed to interject their own voice or agenda into their publication; ostensibly, similar to stage managers or offensive linemen or HR generalists, our job is to stay hidden in the background; like the above professions, the only time anyone takes notice of our work is when we screw up. An editor […]

Stop Selling Candidate Experience.

Fun fact: I own the trademark on the “slogan” (their term) candidate experience in the United States. I’m pretty sure that it’s unenforceable, but I’ve got the paperwork to prove that I at least paid the filing fee and was issued an e-mail confirming my registration was a success. Why did I pay $159 for […]

The Social Selling Index On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been testing their Social Selling Index for a while and is now rolling it out to all their members. Note: LinkedIn usually tests new features with a beta group of large companies or teams first and the SSI is no different. It originally …