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New HR Tech Offerings: ThinkWhy, Rise People

New Compensation Tool from ThinkWhy ThinkWhy, a Dallas-based SaaS organization focused on creating a new generation of AI-driven labor market solutions, has introduced a new innovation … The post New HR Tech Offerings: ThinkWhy, Rise People appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Survey: Consolidated HR Tech On the Rise

In its latest research report, “Transforming Employee Experience: A SWOT Analysis of 500 Human Resources Departments,” isolved surveyed HR managers, directors, VPs and chief people/HR … The post Survey: Consolidated HR Tech On the Rise appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

How A New Website Helped A Startup Rise To The Top

A startup staffing agency in Memphis, The Cadre Agency needed its first website and engaged Haley Marketing because of recommendations from other firms and because … The post How A New Website Helped A Startup Rise To The Top appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Pandemic Workforce: The Demise and Rise of the HR Safety Department

Read Time1 Minute, 4 Second     Download the PowerPoint Presentation Here   Watch John’s full 5-star Keynote from The 2020 HR Technology Conference & Exposition here About this Video   This is an excerpt of John Sumser’s popular keynote presentation at The HR Tech Conference & Exposition in the Fall of 2020.   In this clip, John Sumser walks through the historical demise…

Today’s HR – The Rise of the Polymath

Please. Go look it up.  Kidding.  A polymath is an individual whose knowledge spans a significant number of subjects, known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.  The Good Old Days There was a time in HR when the list of things you had to know was fairly short. Maybe a law or two related to overtime or children at…

Why Healthcare Job Searches Are On The Rise During a Pandemic

Healthcare job searches are on the rise according to data trends we have been closely monitoring at Recruitics, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare workers are in high demand, and it seems surprising that during a crisis healthcare workers are actually searching for jobs. Since the release of our article COVID-19 and Nurse Recruitment which highlighted early trends in regards to supply and demand for…

The rise of the side hustle

This post was originally published on this site Last year, Twitter reported a 231% rise in the number of mentions of ‘side hustle’ on its platform. Henley Business School estimates that side hustles generate £72 billion for the UK economy. Roughly one quarter of Brits have a side hustle, which actually pales in comparison to America where over 45% of US workers have […]…