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Top 10 Skills You Can Learn in 6 Months to Impress Employers on a Resume

Wrapping up your time in college can be an exciting and mysterious few months. That shiny new degree will look great, but how will you complete the ever-important skills portion of your resume? Many employers are looking for similar skills, but it is tough to know where to start. Fear not. The following are the top ten skills that you can pick up in…

3 Great Looking Resumes – Part 1

The visual look of a resume is one of the most critical aspects of its success. It need to look good in order to stand out. So we started trolling the interwebs for some of the best looking resumes from a design standpoint. Here’s the first three. And if you want a cool looking social resume, click here. 1) 2) 3) 

The Sultan of Sourcing Has Spoken

OK, he’s finally done it. Shally Steckerl, the Jedi Master of all things recruiting and sourcing, has spewed out his vast knowledge into 488 pages of pure sourcing joy with his new book, The Talent Sourcing & Recruiting Handbook. Let’s find out how he did it.