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Does your company have clean underwear?

If you have no time to write thank-you notes to all job applicants, then you’re soliciting too many resumes. You’ll wake up to find your company’s professional reputation has been trashed by good applicants who found out you’re not as good as they are.

4 ways to influence people with honor

To influence others effectively, you need to remember that you’re always being watched, writes Douglas Conant, chairman of Avon Products. People constantly monitor and judge your actions, so if you behave with honor and respect in your dealings with others, you’re more likely to win influence over those around you. “Honor others with your attention and they will honor you with their commitment, hard…

Can employers require workers to be respectful?

The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that employers can’t require workers to have respect for each other, because doing so could limit workers’ ability to discuss their working conditions, says Jon Hyman, a employment lawyer. Employers still need to have a policy that limits liability for harassment and states that there will be no tolerance for abuse and bullying, Hyman says