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7 Industries That Will Rely Heavily on AI in 2020

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence is fast becoming a top concern for businesses. While initially the realm of tech companies, in 2020, AI adoption is spreading quickly to other industries. Four in 10 executives believe their companies already possess high-level capabilities to manage and maintain AI solutions. A quarter of the Fortune 500 are using AI to build intelligent process automation (IPA) capabilities to…

If You Just Rely on AI to Train Managers, Don’t Be Surprised at the Management You Get.

I’m not easily surprised, but I am when I see something like this: According to The Wall Street Journal, companies are now turning to robots to train and coach young managers. *Insert your bad manager joke here* According to The Journal, the training comes in the form of a bot, “a manager-training app powered by the artificial intelligence of IBM ’s Watson.” Yes, this…

Should We Rely on Sourcing Tools?

The game of cat and mouse continues with LinkedIn. If you haven’t noticed, some of our most beloved sourcing tools have temporarily stopped working on LinkedIn. This isn’t surprising news as SourceCon first reported in April that LinkedIn updated its terms of service to its Privacy Policy and User Agreement via their blog. Most damaging to our favorite sourcing tools was the update to its User Agreement: