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AI Matching is Reinventing HR

The year 2020 was more disruptive than anyone could’ve predicted. For HR, it meant we had to turn on a dime and adopt processes and new ideas at an accelerated pace. What once was a multiple-year transition plan into digital HR now had to be executed in just a few months with limited resources. Surprisingly […] The post AI Matching is Reinventing HR appeared…

2020 Predictions: Reinventing Work, Reinventing HR, Reinventing Ourselves

This post was originally published on this site 2020 will be a year of reinvention. As we enter the thirteenth year since the global economic meltdown, businesses are seeing slowing but continued growth, uncertainty about politics and global migration, and tremendous stresses in the workforce. Not only is unemployment historically low, the birth rate has declined, creating a world where companies need to ……

Reinventing Your Career Site: How One Company Did It and Won Big

Eighty percent of all job searches lead back to what is often the first place candidates will interact with your employment brand — your career site. Career sites are critical for capturing candidates and building pipelines, yet a surprising number of companies don’t fully optimize them or aren’t aware of how candidates are even experiencing their sites, resulting in missed opportunities.